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09 November 2012 @ 08:01 pm
Espero que estés teniendo un dia estupendísimo <333
Let's celebrate!:D

entra para ver tu regalito (tatatacháaaaaan!!)Collapse )
06 March 2010 @ 03:50 pm

If you can't read THIS entry that means I've quit you as a friend.


- You added me first but never comented any of my entries or just one or two in months.
- We never speak, you don't coment my entries and I don't coment yours, because we don't have nothing in common.
- You don't update your LJ or your last entry was months ago.

If you want to be added again leave me your coment, but please only if you really want to know me and be friends. If you don't, just delete me from your flist, I don't mind at all ♥


If you have added me and I haven't added you back is because you HAVE NOT COMENT IN MY "FRIENDS ONLY" ENTRY. I don't add people who add me without leave me a coment, because I want you to introduce yourself and tell me why we should be friends. This is important because I don't either add people who just say "Hi" or "I like your icons" or something similar.


- You just like my graphics. I appreciate your support but you can join my graphics community glowingcolors and leave me your coments there (thanks <3).
- We don't have barely any fandoms in common, you can see mine in my profile. If we don't have fandoms in common we probably won't talk much.
- You know that you won't coment my entries because I write in spanish. If you add me first, you perfectly know that I'll write in spanish sometimes and you can make an effort to understand them the same way that I make an effort to read your entries in english and coment them.

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